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Waiver: North Georgia Solitaries 

Registration for North Georgia Solitaries (NGS) indicates acceptance of the following agreements and policies.  Do NOT register until you have read and understood and agreed to the agreement here within.

  • I/We have read the entire contents of the registration form and guidelines and agree to comply fully with North Georgia Solitaries’ Guidelines.
  • I/We agree to sign up for and perform at least 2 hours of service per adult during the event.
  • All minors under my/our care at this festival are identified by name on this form.
  • I/We assume full responsibility for my/our personal welfare, personal property, and any minors who are under my/our care at the event under all circumstances.
  • I/We understand that any medical or other services at the event I/we choose to use for myself/ourselves and/or minors in my/our care is totally at my/our own risk.
  • I/We understand that the event is being held at a primitive camping site, and that I/we need to exercise caution to maintain the health and safety of myself/ourselves and any minors under my/our care.
  • I/We assume full responsibility for my/our conduct related to the event environment including protection and conservation. 
  • I/We agree to follow all pet restrictions that Red Top Mountain Park has put into place.
  • I/We understand that if I/we and/or the minors in my/our care choose not to comply with the event’s guidelines, I/we will be required to leave without refund and I/we agree to comply.
  • I/We understand that any inappropriate or abusive behavior will result in my/our immediate removal from the event without refund.

I/We have the following minors in my/our care (list all legal names and ages here)

I/We agree to hold harmless North Georgia Solitaries and People Embracing Change, its directors, staff, volunteers, and associates; Red Top Mountain Park, its owners, staff, volunteers, and associates – for any personal injury or loss occurring to me/us or any minors under my/our care as a result of my/our participation in any activity connected with North Georgia Solitaires under any circumstances.

I/We agree to abide by the privacy and visual media guidelines of NGS as outlined below.

My/Our signatures below indicate that I/we understand and are in full agreement with the terms of this wavier.

North Georgia Solitaries Visual Media Release Form

I/We hereby authorize and give permission to North Georgia Solitaries and People Embracing Change staff to use digital media (photos, video, etc.) of me/us in the promotion of the event.

I/We acknowledge that this could be used in such materials as flyers, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, visual presentations (power points) and on websites for the North Georgia Solitaries.

I/We also understand that these visual media files may be shared with other event organizers in the promotion of North Georgia Solitaries.

I/We also understand that no names will be accompanied with the use of the digital media.

I/We understand and agree that absolutely no pictures of minors are allowed unless explicit permission is given by their parents or legal guardians.

Should I/We like to opt out of the Visual Media Release, I/we will inform Registration at Check-In, where I/we will be given a flag on my badge to wear that says as much.

This agreement will be kept on file for 1 year and be in effect for a year from the date signed. Thereafter a new waiver will be required to be signed. A new waiver will be created, when and if, the venue has been changed; and, it will have to be signed in that event.

NGS Staff can respect people’s individual wishes, we cannot control other people (attendees) taking pictures with their phones/cameras themselves. And that if we ever post a picture of people on any NGS site or web forum, or there is picture on a forum we are in control of and they are not “out”, to reach out to have us take it down.

I/We agree that my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual/handwritten signature on this document. By selecting “I agree” using any device, means, or action, I consent to the legally binding terms and conditions of this document. I further agree that my signature on this document is as valid as if I signed the document in writing.