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May 2024 NGS will be sponsoring a 3 day festival with arrival times for folks wish to arrive Thursday afternoon and be able to leave Sunday evening.

This event will occur Rain or Shine.

NGS wants to show case our local Pagan and Wiccan groups and communities. Local teachers and groups speaking to their paths, the craft, their practices and where they are open to new seekers or students. Most importantly build a community. “We may not worship and practice together, but we can work together” _ Byron Ballard.

Communities are built, and leaders are forged from one generation to another. For North Georgia let us see what can be built.

We need teachers and volunteers for this festival. If you can commit to coming can you commit to doing a class or two? Please sign up here.

Leaders from the Ravenwood Tradition will be doing the the main ritual Saturday evening.
We currently have nearly 2 full tracks for classes for Friday and Saturday. If we get enough attendees, I’m hoping we will have enough volunteers for 3 tracks.

There will be a drum circle in the evenings, or board games at the pavillion.

There will be a potluck on Friday Evening.

3 Days of primitive camping, classes, main ritual, and other rituals as are offered by local pagans and witches. Please register Here.
There will be day passes and because we are from North Georgia, day drives or from hotels nearby should be an easier commute.

Vendor or Business sign up here After you Vendor Application has been Approved.

Registrations for the Event Here.

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